Welcome To The Mail Room

Our commitment to service:At The Mail Room we take pride in delivering the best service possible to all our clientele – whether first time customers or loyal through the years. With a wide variety of options and services, we work hard to make your life just a little easier. We can help you pick out a gift, gift wrap it for any occasion, package the item and get the package delivered on time to its destination. Give us a try and see what customer service is all about.We are located on the N.E. corner of Via Linda and 90th Street in The Ranch Center. One block north of the 101 at 90th Street/Pima exit.

  • The Mail Room is proud to offer:
  • Fedex Air and Ground Services

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  • UPS Air and Ground Services
  • USPS Services & Products
  • DHL International Services

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  • Mailbox Rentals -

Forwarding & Caller Service Available, 24 Hour access

  • Faxing Services -

Sending & Receiving

  • Packaging Services and Supplies -

boxes, bubble wrap, loose-fill, tape

  • Office Supplies -
  • Mailing & padded envelopes, pens, post-its etc.
  • Greeting cards by Avanti
  • Gift wrap services for all occasions, corporate and personal, check out our gift wrap page
  • A variety of unique gifts, check out our gift page
  • Gift bags and envelopes available

Let us be your one-stop shop. Take care of those catalog/internet sales returns or send some cookies to your kids at school and everything in between. Come by and see how much fun you can have at a shipping/retail store.

We’ve been in business for over 20 years and that experience shows. We want you to be happy and comfortable with your experience at The Mail Room.